Engineering services provided by C Speed...

    Digital Design
    Project Management
    Quality Assurance & Test
    Automated Testing

Our test and quality expertise includes...

– Quality Standards
• FDA compliant development
• ISO 9001, ISO 13485
• DoD standards
– Informal and Ad-hoc Test
• Embedded firmware to applications
• Internal components and enterprise systems
– Formal Verification & Validation
• Unit, integration & system testing
• Test planning, requirements tracing, coverage analysis
• Procedure & protocol generation
• Execution, formal documentation, reporting & results analysis
– Quality Assurance
• Process guidance & application
• Compliance review & assurance

Delivering quality through proven processes

At C Speed we understand that any product is incomplete without appropriate verification, validation, and quality assurance.  That's why we have a dedicated quality & test group focused on applying the right process and test effort to match your product and needs.

We are familiar with a variety of quality system standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA Design Controls, and DoD standards, so we can quickly adapt our processes to conform to your industry’s standards and to produce products that meet your customers’ expectations for quality.

True quality goes far beyond proper functionality and lack of bugs.  It also requires more intangible aspects like maintainability, efficiency, robustness, predictability, and scalability.  That's why we take all aspects of quality seriously, extending beyond just traditional test activities and starting from the first requirement and development step through to release and manufacturing controls.

Our specially design test fixtures and systems allow us to quickly and efficiently test with confidence and repeatability. Our highly experienced test engineers are practiced in solving tough test situations, tricky debugging, and complete thoroughness. We are practiced at leveraging the latest tools and methods to get the most coverage and thoroughness out of even the tightest test budgets.  Leveraging automation, virtual environments, parallelism, and robust regression analysis are just some of the ways we maximize value and ensure confidence in your final product.