Engineering Services

Our capabilities in system architecture, digital and analog hardware design, software development, and testing are second to none.  We have the breadth of experience that allows us to both quickly and comfortably integrate our team with yours and bring fresh ideas and insights from other industries to your business.

Our extensive experience in both new product development and sustaining engineering, highly skilled team, and nimble approach can be leveraged to meet your specific engineering needs.

Product Development

Our engineers have experience in a variety of industries, and have designed products running the gamut from simple, low-cost consumer products to sophisticated, high-end systems for the medical and defense industries. Executing the process from gathering requirements through design and development and all the way to validation and manufacturing means we understand what it take to not just design a product, but to fully develop it from scratch.

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Software is everywhere in today's world, from satellites to toasters, and is at the heart of every one of the exciting products we work on. C Speed does software – from the lowest-level embedded real-time control firmware to I/O drivers, shared libraries/DLLs, standalone end-user applications, databases and web services. We write the code that processes, interfaces, and glues systems together from top to bottom.

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C Speed is the perfect solution for your hardware design needs. We are committed to getting your hardware designs off the ground and running as quickly as possible.

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Digital Design

Digital design is more than just VHDL and Verilog - it's having the experience and ability to build high-quality implementations that form the foundations for your products and work seamlessly with the hardware and software.

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Project Management

Delivering the right solution – on time and on budget.

At C Speed, we know that it’s not just about the technology. What matters to you is getting the right solution at a price you can afford and on the schedule you expect. We measure our success on delivering just that.


Quality Assurance & Test

At C Speed we understand that any product is incomplete without appropriate verification, validation, and quality assurance.  That's why we have a dedicated quality & test group focused on applying the right process and test effort to match your product and needs.

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Automated Testing

Automated testing is an excellent way to dramatically reduce a manual test effort while increasing the consistency and frequency of the testing cycle.  C Speed has practiced and refined the mechanisms and tools to automate even some of the most difficult software and electronics systems.

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