C Speed, LLC is one of the United States’ leading suppliers of electronic ‘black box’ solutions specializing in High Performance Analog and Digital Receivers as well as signal processing and complete radar solutions for air traffic control, military, and other surveillance applications. We have brought our core expertise to bear in order to design unique products which meet specific critical needs seen often by our customers.

LightWave Radar

The LightWave S Band Solid-State Primary Surveillance Radar fuses C Speed's family of LightWave radar subsystems into a low cost, high performance radar system. LightWave operates in two fundamental operational modes. When configured in its Low PRF mode, LightWave operates as a low cost, primary surveillance radar operating as an MTI and/or Doppler radar. When configured in its High PRF mode, LightWave, in addition to operating as a surveillance radar system, also offers advanced radar imaging capabilities. This High PRF configuration allows it to be an even more effective sensor that permits very difficult problems – such as mitigating the radar clutter effects produced by wind turbines – to be solved.

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