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The best product design in the world may still be unsuccessful if you miss your market window due to delays in reaching production. Quick-turn prototyping is a cornerstone of product development at C Speed. It’s a key part of risk reduction – identifying issues early in the design cycle through prototyping allows alternative paths to be explored before it’s too late. Prototypes also allow for an early pass at system integration – and the faster the pieces come together, the earlier product gets to market.

C Speed can produce prototypes at a lightning pace. We perform quick-turn PCB design and assembly so that your hardware designs are up and running as fast as possible. From simple PCB designs to complex SMT-based boards, we can quickly build high-quality prototypes. We also construct electrical and mechanical system prototypes, such as chassis designs, so that you get the pieces you need for your system design early in the system development process.

As a one-stop shop for both product design and prototyping we speed up your development process by moving quickly from design completion to prototype materials in hand – a key advantage when speed is critical.

Of course, speed is never the only consideration, and a poorly thought out design can cost you dearly in production. Our experience across the entire product design cycle allows us to incorporate DFM (design for manufacturability) elements into our product design path, helping minimize manufacturing costs at product launch – and avoiding expensive cost-reduction engineering cycles. At C Speed, we do it fast and we do it right.

Low-Volume Manufacturing
As your design moves from the prototyping stage to production, we can provide low-volume manufacturing services to you as well, including purchasing, inventory management, production test, and quality control.
C Speed can be your source for complete, turnkey product development.