Private Label Development

C Speed excels at engineered-to-need product development to meet your private label or OEM requirements. Whether you have detailed specifications, existing components, or just a problem definition we can provide the needed engineering, expertise, validation and management to take your product from vision to reality.


C Speed has extensive capabilities and experience in system architecture, digital and analog hardware design, COTS, custom component integration, software development and testing.  Integrated into our custom design flow, your product never leaves our process as it transitions from design and prototype into production.

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At C Speed, we know that it’s not enough to know the latest technology. In fact, sometimes that’s not even important. What matters to you is getting the right solution for your product at a price you can afford and on the schedule you expect. We measure our success on delivering just that.

We provide flexible project management options that are tailored to mate well with our clients’ processes and to be appropriate to the scale of the project. We will neither burden your project with excessive management overhead, nor allow it to run without proper oversight – so you can be assured that your work is on track to meet your goals.

Rapid Prototyping

The best product design in the world may still be unsuccessful if you miss your market window due to delays in reaching production. Quick-turn prototyping is a cornerstone of product development at C Speed. It’s a key part of risk reduction – identifying issues early in the design cycle through prototyping allows alternative paths to be explored before it’s too late. Prototypes also allow for an early pass at system integration – and the faster the pieces come together, the earlier product gets to market.

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Complete package one-stop solution

One of C Speed's greatest strengths is understanding that hardware doesn't run without software and software can't exist without hardware.  We tailor our custom product development solution to your specific needs; whether it involves circuit design, FPGA programming, drivers, software applications, the whole package or any combination thereof.  By applying a focused, integrated team to your product we can provide efficiency, cost effectiveness and thorough integration that cannot be achieved by separating these efforts.  Add in robust project management and validation and you'll get complete piece of mind that your product will come out just the way you need it and ready to use on time.

Key technical strengths with broad applications
Beyond our core competencies in system architecture, hardware, and software design – strengths that we can apply to any product development – we have developed special expertise in a few key areas that are enabling technologies with broad applicability across all product categories and industries.

High-Speed Data Collection and Analysis
High-Speed Circuit Design
Digital Communication
Digital Video and Audio

Experience that spans industry
Our engineers have experience in a variety of industries, and have designed products running the gamut from simple, low-cost consumer products to sophisticated, high-end systems for the medical and defense industries. We know how to make the right trade-offs whether the driving factor is cost, schedule, or performance.

We are familiar with a variety of quality system standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA Design Controls, and DoD standards, so we can quickly adapt our processes to conform to your industry’s standards and to produce products that meet your customers’ expectations for quality.

A team-based approach that adds value
We can augment your in-house staff with a la carte skills or you can take advantage of our team-based approach in which we provide project management to apply just the right mix of talent at each stage of the project life cycle. In this way your project can benefit from the creative capabilities of our entire, cohesive engineering team. Our skills are diverse, making our whole greater than the sum of our parts – but also making each part benefit from the whole.

Effective solutions for any size effort
Regardless of the size of your project, you have the opportunity to tap into all of our talent and all of our diverse industry experience. Your project benefits from the knowledge of a company, not just an individual.